Online Shopping & Personalities

I find it fascinating to think about “everyday situations” and how each personality type has the ability to look at the exact same situation from a different perspective.  Online shopping is a great example because it is a simple thing that most people today do from time to time, regardless of personality type.
What I have noticed about online shopping is that different personalities tend to like it for different reasons. Understanding the motivation behind why a person chooses to shop online, and how they make their online buying decisions, is what we will look at briefly now.

Disclaimer:  Please keep in mind that these are GENERALIZATIONS but they are not true for 100% of the people, AND many people fit into more than one category. That being said, as with most generalizations, these observations are true much of the time.

YELLOWS:  Yellows love fun, excitement, and attention so in general, they are the ones whoL2o enjoy the “adventure” of going shopping, and go with friends whenever possible. The biggest reason that Yellows like to buy online?  They get the “buyer’s high” from shopping TWICE….once when they hit send, and once when the package arrives! What is more fun than getting a package in the mail?

BLUES:  Blues are the deep thinking, analytical type. Being able to compare features, benefits, prices, reviews, ratings, guarantees and more, with limited if any social interaction…online shopping is PERFECT for Blues!

REDS:  A true red values efficiency in any decision making process. To be able to order things “immediately” without having to drive to a store, look up and down different aisles, and waste time waiting in line…again, the perfect option.
GREENS:  Greens are motived by their need for peace and comfort. What could be better than being able to purchase what you need while lying on the couch in your pajamas?

The big idea I want you to take away from this is that the ACTION – buying online – can essentially be the same. The thing that is different for each personality is the MOTIVATION and the THINKING behind the action. That is the part we need to try to understand both about ourselves, and about others who may be different from us.

Why Personalities?

Have you ever found yourself asking one of these questions? (To yourself or maybe even to me?)

  • Why study personalities?
  • Isn’t this just another way of stereotyping people?
  • If people are “unique” why try to label them?
  • How would this really help me?

Great questions. Obviously I am passionate about understanding personality types or I wouldn’t write books about and travel all over to teach workshops and give seminars. I have seen the difference that this knowledge has made in  my own life, and that is why I continue to study and teach about personalities.

The funny thing about stereotypes is that often they are rooted in truth. And yes, people are unique….but research and experience also tells us that there are some general patterns that tend to be true. If you understand these patterns and look for them in yourself and in others, you just might be able to understand people better.

So how does this help in “real life” situations?

I feel very fortunate to work in a business/industry where for the most part I get to choose the clients I work with. As a Red/Yellow, I could decide that I only want to work with other Red/Yellows…people who think like me. But not only is that limiting in a practical and financial sense, I have the ability to understand other personality types, so why not work with different people? Instead of seeing other personalities and wondering how I can make them understand my strengths and my needs…why not embrace their unique strengths?

Last weekend I worked with a couple who were both very Green. As a Red, I could have become very frustrated by some of the lack of information or decisions made late in the planning process. Instead, I chose to see their strengths. They were easy going. They were nice. They cared about the guests who were there with them and were flexible enough to change things when it seemed to be in the best interest of others. I can work with that.

I have almost no Blue traits whatsoever. It would be easy for me to shy away from working with Blue clients. But what if I could embrace their “Blueness” (figuratively speaking, of course) and learn to love all the extra questions, the bullet pointed lists, and the extra attention to detail? That shouldn’t overwhelm me…that should make me grateful.

One answer to the “Why Personalities?” question is simply that focusing on understanding others helps make me a better person.

How about you? Why did you finish reading this article? How does this help you in business and in life?

Do More Than “Survive” Your Next Conference

I LOVE attending conferences. Even when I’m there to speak, I always attend as much as I can before or after my own seminar or workshop. I have some conferences that I attend even when I am not presenting. I go because I love to learn, to network, and to catch up with my industry friends who I only see a few times a year. However, I know some people that dread conferences…even local ones. But with a little extra thought and some advanced planning, every personality can learn to make the most of a conference experience.

Yellows: To us, a conference can seem like one big party. (Especially the three I attend regularly in Las Vegas…) I am not going to tell a Yellow not to have fun, but if you are going to learn you may need to see “no” to some of the extra activities. If you try to do everything and be at every “extra” event, even you may accidentally sleep through a seminar. If you do the late night “networking” outing, you may not be able to make the early breakfast. Think about your priorities and your goals for attending and make good choices that will allow you to have fun and be social, but still be attentive when required.

Blues: Some Blues avoid  conferences because they don’t like being around so many people. That is okay – you are different from me, but that is alright. Blues will probably be happier if they create their schedule around the education. Sign up for workshops that limit the number of participants and perhaps attend fewer seminars in the main room where you may feel overwhelmed in the crowd. If you do go to the big gatherings, arrive early and get a seat near the front. It may help you forgot how full the room behind you is. Schedule alone time and one on one time with other friends or colleagues, and don’t feel bad about skipping the after-paraty if that isn’t your scene.

Reds: Reds tend to be all business. Remember that building relationships IS part of your business. Go to the classes and workshops. Take notes. But take the time to talk to people, attend the socials, and eat meals with others. Resist the temptation to go back to your room alone immediately after the last session and work on your laptop for the rest of the night. 

Green: Go! Find an outgoing friend you enjoy, and sign up with them. Having someone you feel comfortable with will help you while you are there. Like your Blue colleagues, you too will want to schedule some down time to recharge, but be brave! When someone asks you to have lunch with them or attend another session with them…say yes!

Plan ahead, and make the best choices for your personality type. Plan to thrive, not just survive!