Strengths and Weaknesses – Part 2 Minimizing Your Weaknesses

Every personality type has some natural weaknesses. (Yes, EVERY one.) We need to be mature enough to be honest with ourselves about the areas in our lives that can be or have become weaknesses. strengthsandweaknesses

Hopefully, you have enough self-awareness to zero in on these areas, but if you are having trouble, find someone who you really trust and have them go over the list of common weaknesses for your color(s) with you. If they have lived with you or worked with you, and are honest with you, chances are good they will be able to show you some areas where you could grow.

Often our weaknesses are a result of strengths that are carried to the extreme and then become weaknesses. For example, in Yellows being able to talk easily and tell stories can turn into dominating conversations and not paying attention to other people. The Red’s natural leadership abilities when not kept in check can become bossy, argumentative and confrontational. Blues are known for their attention to detail, but perfectionism taken too far can mean being hard to please and critical of others and their efforts. The cool, calm, collected nature of the Green personality can lead to indecisiveness and/or laziness if it goes too far.

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Why Personalities?

Have you ever found yourself asking one of these questions? (To yourself or maybe even to me?)

  • Why study personalities?
  • Isn’t this just another way of stereotyping people?
  • If people are “unique” why try to label them?
  • How would this really help me?

Great questions. Obviously I am passionate about understanding personality types or I wouldn’t write books about and travel all over to teach workshops and give seminars. I have seen the difference that this knowledge has made in  my own life, and that is why I continue to study and teach about personalities.

The funny thing about stereotypes is that often they are rooted in truth. And yes, people are unique….but research and experience also tells us that there are some general patterns that tend to be true. If you understand these patterns and look for them in yourself and in others, you just might be able to understand people better.

So how does this help in “real life” situations?

I feel very fortunate to work in a business/industry where for the most part I get to choose the clients I work with. As a Red/Yellow, I could decide that I only want to work with other Red/Yellows…people who think like me. But not only is that limiting in a practical and financial sense, I have the ability to understand other personality types, so why not work with different people? Instead of seeing other personalities and wondering how I can make them understand my strengths and my needs…why not embrace their unique strengths?

Last weekend I worked with a couple who were both very Green. As a Red, I could have become very frustrated by some of the lack of information or decisions made late in the planning process. Instead, I chose to see their strengths. They were easy going. They were nice. They cared about the guests who were there with them and were flexible enough to change things when it seemed to be in the best interest of others. I can work with that.

I have almost no Blue traits whatsoever. It would be easy for me to shy away from working with Blue clients. But what if I could embrace their “Blueness” (figuratively speaking, of course) and learn to love all the extra questions, the bullet pointed lists, and the extra attention to detail? That shouldn’t overwhelm me…that should make me grateful.

One answer to the “Why Personalities?” question is simply that focusing on understanding others helps make me a better person.

How about you? Why did you finish reading this article? How does this help you in business and in life?