Wednesday “What/Why/How” – Personalities for Business Q&A: Working Together

Q: When looking to pair a trainee with someone, is there a type better for training? Should a match types for training? Should I mismatch types?

Q. What personality type combos work great together and what combinations have no hope?


A: These questions seem to be asking about a similar issue so I’ve decided to combine them into one post.There isn’t a really simple answer to these question as it really depends on the specific strengths and weaknesses of the individuals involved. Often, opposite personalities can work really well together if they divide up a task in ways that make sense for each person. A Red can usually assess the big picture and divide a project into smaller tasks. Most Greens like having someone else do the breakdown and are happy to have a smaller job assigned to them. But if the Red is rude, bossy and impatient, the Green is less likely to feel motivated and consequently will produce less, or lower quality end result.


And often, the same personalities will work well together because they have a similar approach. The biggest downside to having similar personalities work on a task together is that they are likely to share the same strengths and weaknesses. Yellows may have a great time working together, but the project may not ever get done. Greens will get along well, but again, the task may or may not be completed on time because of their relaxed natures. Blues are likely to bond over the process, but often in the name of striving for perfection, their tasks may also go unfinished. Reds are the most likely to stay focused and get the job done, but they are also the most likely to experience conflict or a power struggle along the way.