A Week of Personalities

My week started with a visit to the beautiful province of Manitoba. The Manitoba Wedding Network and the Manitoba Chapter of the Canadian Disc Jockey Association sponsored a Monday evening seminar and a daytime workshop on Tuesday. Then Wednesday and Thursday I presented the same material in Calgary to a group from the Southern Alberta CDJA Chapter.

In the evening I presented “Speaking Her Language: The 4 Dialects of Speaking Bride” and I have to say this is still one of my favorite seminars to give.

2015-05-25 19.58.08

After going over the basics of how to identify the 4 personality types we move right into application in the arena of sales and connecting with clients. I love that in under an hour even people who have never studied personalities before (or have learned a different “system”) can all be speaking the same “language” when it comes to analyzing themselves, their clients, and how they can better understand each person they speak with.


Tuesday morning 18 people participated in the Power of Personalities Workshop. This hands-on and highly interactive workshop include a variety of large group discussion, small group activities, and individual reflection.

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With a group this size it is really fun to see the results when they are working in groups with other people from their same personality type. It is also entertaining to watch the dynamic when they are mixed up and have different personality types trying to work together on a task. The overall consensus seemed to be that it was enlightening and entertaining, and most would have stayed even longer.

Wednesday morning I missed some fine print and in true Yellow fashion turned a missed flight into a fabulous day with friends before flying out much later in the day….and then going straight from the Calgary airport to give the SHL seminar there.

Thursday evening was the full Power of Personalities Workshop with 6 attendees from the Southern Alberta CDJA. It was very different from the larger group workshop on Tuesday but was equally fun and educational. We still did some discussion together, some in small groups, some with a partner, and the individual self-reflection. The smaller size gave me a chance to do a little more individual coaching too which was fun.

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It was a really great night, and see this post from attendee Patrick Smiley on Facebook the next morning really made my day:

If you have the opportunity to attend one of Vickie‘s seminars, you should. If you have the chance to be in her workshop, even better!

A workshop lets you put what you have learned into practice before you try it in the real world. Vickie’s workshop was well organized, fun and we all left with ways that we could use what we learned in our next client conversation and our day to day lives.

Thank you Vickie!

Thank you, Patrick, and to ALL who attended. This was a fabulous week and I can’t wait to do it again!

4th Annual Weddings of the West “Time for Business” Conference

The Weddings of the West spring conference is my favorite local event that I host each year, and this week’s conference really raised the bar!

Scott Faver, The Game Master, captivated the audience from the moment he skated through the door. Jaws dropped as he skated around the room and called EVERY person by name – all but about 5 he had just met at breakfast.

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His Keynote presentation was engaging, informative, and entertaining and was the perfect way to start our conference.

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Next, Jill Tolles, a commutation professor from UNR walked the audience through a very specific process to help us be better prepared to “make our point” when networking, meeting with clients, or any other presentations we may need to give.


Right before lunch I presented a short version of my the Personalities and Sales seminar that included “A Tale of 4 Shoppers” where we talked about how to use the same process that Jill taught us but with different words and stories that would “speak” better to the uniqueness of each client.

After lunch, we heard from Gitomer Certified Advisor Mitch Taylor as he presented the concept of ROAR – Risk, Opportunity, Action and Reward – and how we can apply that concept to different facets of our business.

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Our final session included three fabulous presenters from Markubiz. Devin, Charles & Garrett each did a short presentation showcasing their areas of expertise and giving the audience LOTS of great information, tips and things to think about in regard to their web site, social media presence and more. Then they answered specific questions from the audience in a panel format.

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It was a fabulous day. My thanks to the amazing Sharon Slater and her staff at Boomtown – everything was beautiful and delicious! Thank you Karen of Image Angels Photography for taking pictures for us. (You can tell which ones she took and which ones were taken on a phone…) Thank you to my amazing husband for filming the whole day for us. Thank you to Scott and  Mitch for flying in to share their passion and experience with our group. Thank you to attendees who came from all over Northern Nevada and Northern California, and to Larry White who joined us from Anchorage, Alaska for this day or learning and growing.

I can’t wait to do this again next year!

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Good Directions

Knowing who you are speaking to matters. Hopefully you wouldn’t ask your spouse and your preschool child to help you with something using the same words and tone. In our every day conversations thinking about your “audience” – the person you are speaking to – focusing on what THEY need to hear can help get you the results you want.

Let’s take a look at the simple example of giving directions. The Biilly Currington song isn’t the only example of when giving good directions affects the outcome of a situation. The end goal is to give the other person the information they need to arrive where he/she is supposed to end up, right? And different people like different kids of directions.

Here’s how I might explain to different people how to get to my house:

Yellow: Go past the post office and look for the really ugly bright blue house. Take the next turn after the ugly house and then make a quick left onto my street. You’ll see my pink Mustang in the driveway.

Blue: Take exit 12 and turn right using the inside lane. Turn left at the first light and my street is the 5th left.

Red: Here’s the address. (They are going to just use their GPS so don’t bother giving them directions.)

Green: I’ll pick you up.