Let’s Get Personal: The Struggles of a Self-Employed Yellow/Red

Reds value efficiency and productivity. Yellows are often scattered, disorganized, distracted. Although this is often a very fun personality type to be – I travel, meet lots of people, do a variety of activities each day all in the name of “work – it can also be frustrating.

I wish I had some natural Blue in me. Even just a little. But I don’t. The little organization that I do have is driven by Red’s need for efficiency and results. For me, the best part of being self-employed and running multiple businesses is also the hardest part. There is no one telling me what to do each day. No one to help me prioritize my time. No one to tell me to focus when I get distracted.

This week I decided to try a new system. I know it’s only Day 4 but so far it seems to be working pretty well. I have assigned a “focus area” for each day of the week. That is not to say that there won’t be some crossover, but now when I find myself thinking, “Hey, I have two hours until my next appointment; what should I do?” I have a place to start.

Monday is my Mom Day. I need to start my work with that focus, and keep in mind that my family is the primary driving force behind why I do what I do. I want to take care of them both financially and otherwise. I need to find a way to counteract the “mommy guilt” of feeling like I should be with them when I’m working or working when I”m “playing” with them. So Monday is my day to focus on my home, laundry, meal planning, schedule making, etc.

Tuesday is my Trivia Day. One of the companies we own is called DJ Trivia. We partner with local bars and restaurants to provide midweek entertainment in the form of a live hosted trivia game to provide fun activities for our community and increased revenue for the venues during the week. Tuesday is my day to check in with my staff, follow up with places who have inquired about our game, visit new potential locations, etc.

Wednesday is Wedding Day. Our other company is a wedding video and entertainment company. (We DJ/MC and offer custom DJ Trivia or DJ Bingo games for corporate and private parties.) This is my day to follow up with brides, fellow vendors, work on things related to the wedding fair we just diid or the planning class we have coming up.

Thursday is my Talking & Teaching Day. I attend a Toastmasters Club every Thursday. I work on my current book I’m writing. This will be my day for writing blog posts too! Anything related to speaking or writing or the workshops I have coming up….today is my day to focus on that.

Friday is Finish up and have Fun Day. Because I’m Yellow I need a day like this. I need to be able to wrap up some loose ends from various projects started earlier in the week so I can be ready for any weekend events…and have some fun time with my family.

What do you think? Feel free to check in with me down the road and ask me how it’s going. Us Yellow/Reds need extra accountability with all we have going on. 🙂

Let’s Get Personal: Dirty Dishes

The response to last week’s “dirty laundry” post was great, so I thought I’d share some more dirt this week. Today’s topic: dirty dishes.

As I mentioned last week, I am a strong Red. (Is there any other kind?) If you would like a definitive answer on the dishwasher issue, the answer is YES. There IS a RIGHT way to load the dishwasher. And the right way is the way that allows the most items to fit, doesn’t waste space, and lets everything come out clean.

Blues are the ones with the reputation for being picky perfectionists, but even as a Red/Yellow I like my dishes to be clean. So if you Greens think you can skip the preliminary rinse, put bowls and measuring cups in so they fill with water, load plates backwards, and block the water flow with giant pans, you are wrong. Period. That’s  inefficient, and gross.

I’ve heard it said that “housework done incorrectly is still a blessing.” I disagree. Don’t do it wrong so the Reds in your life will “fire” you from helping. It really isn’t that much harder to put glasses and dishes in correctly than to put them in wrong. You don’t like the “dishwasher lecture” I give? Then shut up and listen and do it right and I won’t give it anymore.

How do I know I’m right? Besides that I just know…I know because when I load the dishwasher, the dishes come out clean. When I empty it after you do it, I have to re-wash a bunch of stuff. And that is the part that makes Reds frustrated. You wasted your time by not bothering to do it right in the first place, and then you wasted my time because I had to re-do. Not to mention all the dish soap and water that you wasted. You Greens are probably the cause of the drought we’re in.

But thank God we’ve got you by our sides to keep us calm when a real crisis hits.dishwasher wrong

dishwasher right

Let’s Get Personal: Dirty Laundry

Most of my posts are related to personalities in various business settings. Over the holidays I posted a few things about dealing with extended family and things like that, but I think for the next month or so I am going to get really personal.  Today’s topic….dirty laundry.

As long as I can remember, being in charge of the laundry has always been my task. It could be because I’m good at it (I don’t turn white things pink, shrink shirts, or let things wrinkle). It could also have to do with my incredible lack of skills in the kitchen, but I prefer the first line of thinking.

I’m a Red. So I know that there is a right way to do laundry. And that includes matching socks. Even though I hate socks, deep down I know that they have to be right side out and properly matched. For the first 12 years of marriage I tried to help my Green husband understand this. My personality values efficiency deeply. If only he would take his socks off properly and throw them in the hamper right side out….matching and putting away the socks would be so much easier.

I tried asking. I tried explaining. I tried begging. And nothing worked. More often than not, his socks were still going into the hamper inside out. And one day I had had enough. That was it. I was done. Over it. And I knew what to do.

No more turning them right side out. Yep. You heard me. It was his turn to see what a pain it was to have his socks inside out. If he threw them in the hamper that way, I’d wash them that way. And I’d even return them that way. Yep – I was done, and he was going to find socks in his drawer inside out, and finally he would learn.

The first time I did this I just waited to see what he would say. And I waited…
And waited…

After three years of waiting I had to accept the truth. Either he didn’t notice or he didn’t care. (Or both.) It was such an anticlimactic moment. He truly doesn’t care. And there is nothing I can do to make him care. This, my friends, is the dirty truth about Reds and Greens and how we think about matching socks.